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We at are always fully focused on helping you
to overcame Shitan e rajeem

Read to Learn Quran online. Our Online Quran Tutors train new scholars with the ability to read the Quran precisely and develop their skills to memorize Quran, Salat, Kalimas, Hadeeth and Dua’s. Do you have ambition your next generation to read Holy Qur’an with a stunning Arabic accent and proper pronunciation.

We Provide

  • Online Quran classes
  • Focus is on Tajweed
  • Free 3 days trial
  • Reduced Pricing
  • Discount Options
  • Free, if not affordable
  • Money Back Guarantee!
  • Expert & Trained teachers
  • 1 to 1 on-line session
  • Learn from your home
  • Monthly parent sessions
  • Female teachers available
  • Certificate on completion

We Offer

Quran Foundation (Basic Tajweed)

Learn Noorani Qaida

Read Quran with Tajweed

Quran Memorization Online

Quran for Beginners

Islamic Studies for Kids

Learn Ten Qirat Online  

Online Ijazah Course

Learn Tafsir Online

Pillars of Islam and Belief System

Daily Islamic Supplications (Duain

Why We Us

  1. Focus on quality
  2. Classes in English
  3. Correctness not speed
  4. Free Teaching for needy
  5. Tajweed not only reading
  6. Simplicity not complexity
  7. Your own selected timings


A destop Computer or

Laptop or

A Smart Mobile Phone

Internet Conection

Head Phone(optiional)

 Our Qulified  Stuff

ghulam shabbar jafri2
Ghulam Shabbar Jafri

Our Quran Online tuor He have eduction 16 years

and He is also teacher and 10 years teaching experience. He is spcial teacher teach Quran with Tajweed and Tarteel.

Asghar Abbas

CEO of the Institute, he have Master in arabic/Islamic

studies and aslo master in Enonomic and

also Computer expert WE have experience in various

fields and aslo teach the kids with Modren

techniqe and advance teaching Method

Allama Fazil Ali2
Muhammad Ali Fazil 

Allama Muahammad Fazil Ali

He is Quran tafsir teacher he wrote many books and

tafasirs and he do program in Hadi TV channel

He is profressior in Islamic University of Al kauthar Islamabad, he is a princilple of Jamia imam

Jafar Sadiq(a.s) for more detail click on their link

How We Can Help…

We have wide range of Study


we will help you  to learn arabic, writing reading and speaking we have qulified stuff to teach you. our servies are given blew

  • 24 hours and 7 days
  • Monthly report
  • Outline for next month
  • Kids progress report
  • high speed Internet
  • power back up
  • 24 online servies
  • Internation courses

Our Institute news

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We offer free online for Orphan kids and jobless families

we offer for the poor, jobless families and orphan kids when he have jobless we do quran free for their kids and we offer how are unble to pay fees for their kids and they did not offord the fees of the kids

How Many Times to recite Quran a day

One can have the best presence of heart as everyone else is asleep around this time. You can easily be consistent in reading it daily at night as this is the free time you get after a long day of work. According to one saying of our Prophet, Muhammad ﷺ Quran will intercede for the people who read it at nigh


♠ Quran reading online Courses. ♠ Online Quran Memorization. ♠ Basic Learn Quran Online Course. ♠ Learning Quran online course. ♠ Learn Quranic online course. ♠ Tajweed course. ♠ Basics Teaching of Islam. ♠ 5 Pillar of Islam. ♠ Understand Quran course. In this Quran students learn Quran Online With translate, understand and interpret Quran. This is devised to make in depth understanding Quranic Arabic and its meanings in context. After this course student will be enable to understand Quran the true meanings of Quran verses in their background and context. ♠ Essential Duas. for all the routine acts that we do daily to all of our students. ♠ Prayer (Namaz) Course. In This Course students learn how to offer the daily prayer (Namaz) Salatul Eid. Salatul Janaza.