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Recitation of Qur’an includes correcting pronunciation (Makharij) of Arabic alphabets, applying proper tajweed rules and using proper qira’a. This is achieved by extensively practicing the same.


Beginner’s Recitation Program (برنامج التلاوة للمبتدئين)

Course code: BRP

For those who would like to learn the recitation from scratch, i.e. from the Alphabets and the making-up of words including Introduction to the Alphabets, Training of correct pronunciation of letters, and word formation with Alphabets. This includes going through “Qaidah Noorani” and basic Tajweed rules.

Regular Recitation Program (برنامج التلاوة العام)

Course code: RRP

For those who know how to read but need to improve on fluency, remove pauses and stammering while reciting like Training of correct pronunciation of alphabets, Improving fluency in word formation, and Introduction to Important Tajweed Rules.Advanced 


Recitation Program (برنامج التلاوة العالي)

Course code: ARPFor those who have fluency but require corrections in Articulation points and learn the advanced Rules of Tajweed like Correction of any pronunciation mistakes in alphabets, Implementation of Important Tajweed Rules, and Introduction to Advanced Tajweed Rules and their Implementation.


Our avaiable coures

require for Quran Online Classes

1 .Loptop/pc/Ipad/smart phone

2. Internet connect

3. Headphone